Wana Wa Mola; A project for street children

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We believe that music & arts play a vital role in developing a lifestyle of practical love where destitute children, youth & families enjoy a dignified life and a sense of belonging to their respective African communities without discrimination.

 1.3. Mission. 
To restore hope to destitute children and destitute families, acknowledging & enhancing their dreams without compromising their sense of belonging to their respective African communities.

Our projects include;
1) A street boys home for 22 children aged 7-18 based in Nyali Mombasa
2) An outreach program for children still living on the streets of Mombasa and Nairobi
3) Creative activities including music, acrobatics, dance,drama for children living in the home and those still on the street
4) Family outreach for street families in Mombasa vicinity and poor rural famers in Teso Uganda.
5) Music and video production for sustainability
6) Cultural festivals/concerts, training,& exchanges for reconnecting youth and international community with African culture, values and knowledge

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 Studio Pure Aroma




Pure Aroma record label is an Afrocentric producer & promoter of authentic music & Film based in Mombasa Kenya . 
Pure Aroma incorporates into its vision a commitment to the development and evolution of East African music with strong cultural roots, Movies within an original African context, Art as it should be.

We work with a team of talented Artists representing deferent genres but with an accent on African Musical and visual art, emphasis on live music production as opposed to digitalized computer sounds.

We are also committed to making a deference through corporate responsibility. We also sign in talented street children.Our proceeds facilitate our work to help in the running of a rehabilitation Centre for 22 street boys. All our movies are a mouth piece of the least, last and lost poor people in Kenya and East African region.