Daniel Okiror  aka Benon


Daniel Okiror, a Ugandan and Kenyan based artiste had barely started on his journey of creating a unique & true Ugandan genre by fusing roots instruments especially Akogo, Adungu, Adeudeu, Edodoi, Arigirigi, & African drums/percussion with modern/western instruments, mainly acoustic and bass guitar, saxophone & Keys when he took a radical global minded step of pursuing his vision beyond the borders, resulting to him establishing his base both in  Kampala Uganda and Mombasa Kenya . Today Okiror the multi lingual multi-instrumentalist has made a round world tour playing  his music covering Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Israel, The Netherlands, USA, South Korea etc.,

Originally from Eastern Uganda, Daniel Okiror's musical roots can be traced back to the age of 3, when he first made a song called Papa Ijaka (..Where is my father)

From then on it was clear that his musical journey was going to be influenced by his experiences growing up as an orphan. His painful child hood experiences soon found an outlet in music and a strong desire to give back to the community by operating and organization that helps street children, destitute youth and families

Being self and professionally taught, his music reflects the sound of the River Nile

His latest album “Emuria Koliai” sees him working with Melissa Asali, Olith Rateggo and Olova Makadem, all rising stars of Afro-fusion music in Kenya.He has also shared stage with Toumani Diabate of Mali, Ali Keita of Mali and Joel Ssebunjo of Uganda.

Other than Music, he established an organization named Wana Wa Mola, which rehabilitates street children, destitute youth and families in Uganda and Kenya. That makes him a unique artiste who not only pursues to develop his music to an international taste. He uses his music as a tool of therapy and resources that accrue are invested in alleviating human suffering. He also has a record label, Pure Aroma which provides a creative outlet for the street children, and from which he promotes African Music and Film.

He sometimes refers to his music as AFROTESO Sound, which is a fusion of jazz, pop and blues with very authentic African melodies and rhythms. His fans sometimes call him the Fela Kuti of East Africa and the Male Suzanna Owiyo! His typical band is 8 piece though he can adapt to any environment like a solo set, a musical, quartet or a larger team of 8 pieces & 12 acrobatic street