Wana Wa Mola

A project for Street Children

We are a charitable in-reach and out-reach Project concerned with the plight of street children in Kenya. Our mentoring is focused on developing the whole person (physically, spiritually, mentally and socially). We do this by using the tools of Discipleship, Social work, Education, Music and Art.

Our vision

"A lifestyle of practical love where destitute children, youth and families enjoy a dignified life and a sense of belonging to their respective African communities"

Our Mission

"To restore hope and a sense of humanity to destitute children, youth and families by meeting their needs, identifying,respecting and fast tracking their visions/dreams without compromising their sense of belonging to their respective African communities"

Street Children
Street children end up living on the streets because of physical violence, drug and alcohol abuse, the death of a parent, family breakdown, poverty, war, or natural disaster. Once on the street, it is a great disappointment when the kids enter into bigger problems.
Street families tired of street life move to the garbage dumping sites and literally eat rotten left overs as their daily menu.

Street children suffer from health problems, addiction to glue, alcohol and other substances.They also experience physical and sexual abuse by fellow street people.

During the Oureach Program on the streets or in the home, we give out food, make music, dance, play drama and play games with the children. Through these activities we get to know the children and select those who are ready to change their lives.

The Street boys home

Our intervention to the problem of numerous street children in Kenya is a home based mentoring model in which a number of street children are admitted to a home of 20-25 children where they learn to live together as a family with a role model who becomes a father figure in their lives, daily guided by 2 to 3 mentors.
The house provides all the basic needs such as food, clothing, medical care, education and above all love and building their self-esteem. The boys are mentored, educated and trained till they are self reliant and/or resettled to their relatives and the community through the reintegration program.

Our focus

1) Capacities (Education, Vocational training, talent development)
2) Spiritual guidance (knowing God's will)
3) Reconciliation with family and community (involving and engaging the community, family visits)
4) Re-connect with culture (African music, dance, art, tribal languages)

Music and Art (Pure Aroma )
These children need a dynamic program which involves activities they are familiar with. A semi - formal training and performance is undoubtedly a formidable way of reaching out to them. We started a recording studio: Pure Aroma Music & Movie Creations.